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Spring is just around the corner and so are rising gas prices.

Over the past eight years Auto Finders Inc. has quietly done its best to "suggest" to clients that replacing that older, gas-hungry vehicle with a more fuel-efficient product is a smart move. Not only do most newer vehicles get better mileage, but the fuel emissions are lower as well.

Global warming is front-page news and it is our firm belief that we all must try a little harder to become more earth friendly. If you own an older vehicle and notice a puddle of oil under the engine compartment...a bell should go off in your head. It may seem trivial at the moment, but multiply all that spilt oil by ten thousand, and envision it washing into our storm drain system. Our storm drain system in Victoria dumps directly into the ocean! Being more ecology conscious means more than burning less gasoline. It means that we should try harder to cut down on pollution, and recycle products.

Whether your next vehicle is a HYBRID or conventional, please lend a hand to make this a cleaner planet.

The planet does not belong to is just on loan from our children.

Editorial by Bill Mosher

"Do what you do so well
that people will tell others
about it and want to see
you do it again!"
Walt Disney
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