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Does Auto Finders have its own car lot?
Auto Finders Inc. is a unique shopping service. We do not operate a car lot. We never buy or sell vehicles. We shop Vancouver Island and vicinity to locate and negotiate for top-quality used cars and trucks. There are over 100 models to choose from annually, and many of our clients just don't have the time or energy to be confident in today's complicated market. Auto Finders does all the legwork, while our clients enjoy saving money, as well as putting their spare time to better use.

Is Auto Finders an auto broker?
Definitely not! Auto Finders is a unique and distinct vehicle shopping service-not an auto broker. An auto broker generally buys vehicles and then resells them to car dealers or to the public for a profit. In some cases the difference between an auto broker and a used car lot is unclear.

How much money will you save me?
On average, Auto Finders saves you between $1,100 and $1,600 - sometimes more - depending on the vehicle. Remember, we always put the quality of the vehicle ahead of price.

What type of vehicles do you specialize in?
Most clients hire Auto Finders to locate top-quality Japanese cars and trucks. In our opinion, Honda and Toyota share the top spot. They are very well built, safe, and get great gas mileage. Combine that with good resale value and you have a real winner. Very close behind are Nissan, Mazda and Subaru; these manufacturers produce many excellent vehicles as well.

What do you charge for your service?
To locate and negotiate your next quality used vehicle, our fee is $495 plus GST. We ask for $300 plus GST to get the ball rolling and the balance of $195 plus GST is due when your next car is in your driveway. Auto Finders does not accept any commissions from the seller regarding your purchase.

How do you find quality used vehicles?
We search Vancouver Island for top quality trade-ins and lease returns from many reliable suppliers. We generally steer away from private sales because of undeclared accidents and questionable odometer readings. Vancouver Island has the lowest kilometer, most rust-free cars in Canada.

I am moving to Vancouver Island. Can you help me buy a car so it will be ready when I arrive?
Yes! We can send digital photos around the world, in seconds, as well as arrange for all the pre-purchase inspections necessary to help ensure your next car is safe, and lien-free. We have happy customers from Australia to Switzerland and Alaska to Africa! The majority of our clients live on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands.

I live on the Gulf Islands. Can you help me with transportation?
For our Gulf Islands or Sidney clients a complimentary shuttle is provided from the Swartz Bay ferry terminal to Victoria.

I have a car to trade in. Can you help me?
Yes. Using your vehicle as a trade-in can work to your advantage in some cases since sales tax is calculated on the total price minus the value of your trade. In addition, Auto Finders always has a running list of clients looking for good vehicles. Perhaps your old vehicle is exactly what they need.

Is there a guarantee on the vehicles that you locate?
Many of the vehicles we locate for clients still have the balance of factory warranty. If the factory warranty has expired, you usually have the option of purchasing a third party warranty from the vendor (depending on the year and mileage) to make sure your vehicle stays roadworthy. So...if you purchase an old vehicle with high mileage, expect to pay for some future repairs!

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