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Auto Finders - 7 Steps for buying a used car

We use a time-tested 7-step method to progress logically through the entire buying process.

All clients receive a free, no pressure consultation. We can visit you at home or at work. We meet at your convenience to discuss your needs. Some people hire us because they have no idea of what vehicle to select or how much to spend. Others hire us because they know what they want, but can't find the "right" vehicle. Experience has proven that the price for a reliable used vehicle starts at about $10,000. Several years ago a "good" one could be found around $7,000, but not anymore. Below this price, chances are high you will have to deal with expensive mechanical problems in short order. It's true you get what you pay for. Nobody ever gives away a nice Honda or Toyota.

Auto Finders is based in beautiful Victoria BC, Canada. Most of our clients live on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands. We have happy clients from Australia to Switzerland and Alaska to Africa! If you are moving to our balmy island, we can have your car ready for you when you arrive. Ferry or airport shuttle is included.



Now Auto Finders goes to work. We discuss price range, models, safety ratings, gas mileage, options, performance and more. There are some great models to choose from, but there are vehicles to avoid as well. Together, we build your wish list.

We do the legwork. The search is the most time-consuming aspect of the process. Our extensive automotive knowledge and car shopping network comes into play here. As you may have discovered, the really nice cars and trucks sell within hours of coming on to the market. Over the years Auto Finders has established some very reliable business contacts in the automotive industry. Chances are you would never be able to establish these connections on your own. In this case it's who you know that can make a difference.
We see hundreds of vehicles per week. When shopping for our clients we search for the needle in the haystack. Once we find a vehicle that we approve of, we test drive it. If everything is in order, we check the vehicle's service and accident history. If we still like what we see, we escort you on your test drive and answer any questions you may have. If you are not satisfied, we'll resume the search.
Most of the vehicles we deal with are either trade-ins or lease returns, and all these vehicles get mechanically checked by the vendor. Once you approve of the vehicle we have selected, we go over the vendor's mechanical inspection report with you. (If you want a second opinion, then we can help set up an independent inspection at your request and at your cost.) If it turns out that a few minor repairs are necessary, we can usually negotiate them into the deal. If the vehicle fails the mechanical inspection, then walk away and the search will continue. For out of town clients we can easily send you the results as a FAX or PDF file.
Part of our service is to establish your budget before the search begins. Negotiating a fair price is important but irrelevant unless, together, we have selected the right vehicle. Auto Finders is no stranger to the negotiating process. Since 1999, we have established strong business relationships with buyers and fleet managers of reliable dealerships. It is not uncommon for us to help you save up to $1,600, sometimes more, over what the average customer could negotiate by themselves.
“Quality is not expensive - it’s priceless!”

Finally, Auto Finders is with you when you take delivery of your new vehicle. Together we check that your car has been prepared as promised, so you can purchase with confidence. Once you own your new vehicle, we encourage you to maintain it. There has never been a car built that has never needed maintenance or repairs!

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